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• The incorporation of a new thesis co-supervisor must be done at least 1 year before the thesis is deposited for the processing of their defense.
• The co-authors of publications derived from the thesis can be part of the examination panel only if an application is made to the Academic Committee of the ARV programme and to the UPC Doctoral School and both approve it.

External evaluation

Once the thesis has been written, the doctoral students must inform the coordinator of the programme of their intention to proceed with the thesis deposit by means of submitting the following forms from the Doctoral School forms webpage, unless otherwise stated:

  • Authorization by the thesis supervisor for the submission of the defence proposal (ADT form) in paper, duly signed
  • The memory of the doctoral thesis (2 copies in paper and one electronic version) with this form for the cover
  • Summaries of the thesis (R form) in English, Catalan and Spanish in Word and in paper, duly signed
  • Proposal of reviewers (PR form), in word, including links to the cv or cv brief in pdf of the reviewers
  • Proposal for the Appointment of the Examination Panel  (T form), in word, by the thesis  advisor including links to the short CV or CV in pdf of the external doctors to the UPC.
  • Thesis quality report and authorization by the Academic Committee for the programme for its submission (ADU form), in Word by the thesis supervisor up to “Analysis of the impact of the thesis results and methods on the socioeconomic environment”
  • TDX: Author statement for the incorporation of the thesis to TDX (TDX form)
  • Deferral of the submission of a doctoral thesis (ET form), only if necessary
  • There are additional applications, which require further documentation and procedures, please click on each link for more information:

The academic committee of the doctoral programme (CAPD) will carry out a preliminary evaluation and, if this is satisfactory, two doctors will be appointed from outside the UPC and experts in the subject of the thesis to review it and make the observations and suggestions they may consider appropriate.
If the previous evaluation is not satisfactory, the copies of the thesis reports are returned to the student with the pertinent observations.
Together with the appointment of the external evaluators, after hearing the thesis supervisor, the CAPD will make a proposal for an examination panel, which the programme coordinator will submit to the UPC in due course to deposit the thesis.
The external evaluators have one month to make their report on the thesis. In addition to the comments that may be considered appropriate, the report must explicitly state whether the thesis exceeds the minimum admissible level to proceed with its defense. The comments received will be communicated to the doctoral student and the thesis advisor  so that they take them into account in the preparation of the final version, together with the recommendations that the CAPD may consider appropriate. 


Acceptance to reading procedure

After the external review, in order to proceed with the reading process, the doctoral student must send to the CAPD:

  • A writing describing the changes made following the recommendations of the external reviewers with the approval of the thesis advisor
  • a copy in electronic format of the revised report of the thesis

The coordinator of the programme will make this documentation available to the CAPD together with the reports of the reviewers. In light of this information, the CAPD will authorize the continuation of the thesis reading process, or request the doctoral student to make additional modifications if considered appropriate.


Formalization of the reading process and deposit of the thesis

Once the external evaluation has been completed and with the approval of the CAPD, the doctoral student will begin the process of depositing and reading the thesis. To carry out this procedure, the doctoral student must submit the following documentation to the CAPD:

  • Registration form to doctoral studies (M form)
  • An electronic copy of the thesis according to the rules of the programme. Upon completion of the deposit, the doctoral student will take 5 or 7 copies with the binding according to the programme regulations for the members of the examination panel and one for the IOC library
  • Original and copy of a valid ID or passport
  • List and electronic copy of publications, communications, patents, books or book chapters derived from the thesis that appear in the publications section of the ADU form. If they are not yet published, indicate in what state they are.
  • Personal email address to maintain contact, which will be included in the e-mail list of doctors who have graduated from the programme.

The doctoral student's file must include a validated photocopy of the official university degree and, if applicable, the official master's degree, with the corresponding legalization through diplomatic channels or homologation of the corresponding ministry, otherwise, it must also be provided at the time to make the deposit.

The CAPD may request the additional information considered necessary.

With this information, the thesis registration is done and it goes to the public deposit period of 10 working days, during which it can be examined by any doctor of the UPC, who can send written comments to it.

Deadlines in the procedures prior to reading the doctoral thesis

The usual terms of the deposit and reading process since the doctoral student with the approval of the thesis supervisor starts the reading process are:

ProcedureEstimated Time
The CAPD carries out a previous evaluation and if it is favorable it appoints two external reviewers for the thesis and makes a proposal of an examination panel. Up to 3 weeks

Theses are sent for review by ordinary mail, unless otherwise indicated by the reviewers).


1 or 2 days

The reviewers send their report (they are given a month to make their report). Up to a month
Once the reports are received, if they are favorable, the CAPD authorizes the deposit. The doctoral student must submit the pertinent documentation for the thesis deposit. The necessary administrative documentation for the deposit is prepared. Up to 2 weeks
Public thesis deposit at the the Doctoral School 10 working days
If there are observations during the public deposit then there is a deadline for the relevant claims. 10 days
If there are no observations during the public deposit the UPC authorizes the thesis defence and officially appoints the examination panel. Up to 5 days
The coordinator of the programme communicates the appointment to the members of the examination panel and sends the copies of the doctoral thesis to them. Up to 5 days
The president of the examination panel informs of the date of the thesis defence to the doctoral programme and summons the examination panel. Variable according to the availability of the members of the panel, the doctoral student and the thesis supervisor.
Public announcement of the thesis defence by the doctoral programme. At least 10 working days in advance.

Note that if the deadlines of each phase are easily exhausted, a period of up to 15 weeks may be reached from the date the doctorate starts the thesis deposit process until the defence takes place.

There are periods of the year that are not considered academic for the purposes of deposit periods, or deadlines for delivery of reports (August, Easter holidays and Christmas).

For more information, consult the regulations of the UPC.
ATTENTION: The academic year at the UPC starts on 1 October and ends on 30 September. Doctoral students who deposit their thesis after this date will have to pay the corresponding thesis tutorial.