Access to the ARV doctoral programme


To be eligible for a doctoral degree course a candidate must hold an official Spanish bachelor's degree (or equivalent) and a master's degree However, candidates in any of the following circumstances are also eligible:



Previous education of the student


Individuals holding an official university degree from Spain or any other country in the European Higher Education Area that qualifies holders for master's degree courses, provided they have also completed a minimum of 300 ECTS credits of official university coursework overall.


Individuals holding a degree from a foreign education system, providing that it can be shown that the university in question offers a level of training equivalent to that of the official Spanish master's degree and that, in the issuing country, individuals holding the degree in question are eligible for doctoral degree courses.


Individuals holding another Spanish doctoral degree.


Foreign students need to show evidence of sufficient language proficiency in order to develop this activity.



Steps for the admission


1. The candidate must find a thesis tutor/ advisor from the ARV doctoral programme. Please find a list of the ARV staff with their contact data and research areas on the programme web.

2. The candidate has to register on the on-line application for admission and attach the  documentation below:

a)    Form signed by the doctor of the ARV programme, who will be his/her tutor and, if it is the case, his/her thesis advisor (download)

b)    A letter of application for admission including motivation and research areas of interest of the candidate

c)    Curriculum Vitae, including research works and publications

d)    Form with a table of the previous education of the candidate (download)

e)    Copy of the degrees required for the access to the doctoral studies (bachelor and master’s degrees)

f)    Academic record of the bachelor and master’s degrees

g)    Copy of the syllabus of the  bachelor and master’s degrees

h)   Candidates who do not have Spanish or Catalan as their mother tongue must present a certificate attesting knowledge of any of these languages or English

i)    For foreign candidates, a letter from the relevant body at his/her university stating that the qualifications submitted entitle him or her to apply for admission to a doctoral degree in that country, translated if necessary, always for countries not belonging to the European Higher Education Area (EHEA)

j)     Other merits (for example, grants or specific funds from an institution)


3. Once the documentation is sent, the candidate receives a "Confirmed application" message through the application.

4. In a month’s time as a maximum, if the ARV Academic Comission accepts the application, her or she receives an "Accepted application" message via the application and a scanned copy of the admission letter via e-mail. If the candidate is not accepted, he or she receives a message of “Rejected application”.

5. The candidate has to click on “Accept application” via the application and  has to receive and e-mail of ”Finished application” to end the admission process.

6. The next step will be the registration in the doctoral programme in the corresponding periods. (please see registration procedures). It is at the registration time that the candidate must bring all his/her original documentation duly translated and legalised (please see the section on  degrees and document legalisation).